Terms and Conditions

For your information

1. Reservations

1. Pets are not allowed on any campsite in the holiday tents or mobile-homes by Juliette Tent holidays! Per campsite is indicated, when in doubt call us!

2. After making your reservation (by phone, in writing or by e-mail) sends Juliette Tent holidays you by mail a reservation confirmation 

with the final amount to be paid. For incorrect data directly, at the latest within 3 working days, contacting Juliette Tent holidays. 

If you within 8 days after booking no reservation confirmation has been received, please contact Juliette Tent holidays.

2. in the case of later arrival or earlier departure than in the accommodation reserved, no refund for unused accommodation.

3. If there are less people actually stay in the accommodation than reserved, there will be no refund for the not published people.

4. The maximum number of people per accommodation is 5 people, basically from the same family.

5. The number of persons staying in the accommodation is due according to booking.

6. Reservations for/by young people (< 23 years) or a group in General, cannot be accepted.

7. On some of the campsites is it possible to free a dome tent next to your accommodation. These, however, are not intended

8. A baby package and/or heater can only be guaranteed if this simultaneously with the booking are requested.


2. payment

1. upon receipt of the booking confirmation shall be made within 14 days 25% of the fare to be paid.

2. The balance of the holiday price shall, not later than 8 weeks prior to arrival at the accommodation.

3. For reservations within 8 weeks prior to arrival at the accommodation, the entire participation fee within 

1 week of receipt of the booking confirmation.

4. For reservations within 2 weeks prior to arrival in the accommodation, the entire participation fee within 

1 day (immediately) after receipt of the booking confirmation.

5. If the deposit and/or the remainder of the tour cost is met by the deadline, retains Juliette Tent holidays 

reserves the right to cancel the booking and the booking party is liable for the cancellation costs (see cancellation policy).

6. in the case of negligent payment all costs, both judicial and extrajudicial costs, to be paid by the applicant, 

including the legal interest on the outstanding amount from the month after the date of payment, as stated on the booking confirmation.


3. Security deposit

1. the deposit amounts to €75, = per reserved accommodation immediately upon arrival on request by the representative of Juliette Tent holidays collected.

2. The deposit you will get after the final inspection of the accommodation by the representative of Juliette Tent vacations, 

back before departure, in whole or in part.

3. In case of early departure, then when the final inspection has taken place, then the deposit will be refunded afterwards per bank. 

Any recorded defects will be deducted from the deposit.

4. Juliette Tent holidays does not charge fees when you crockery or glassware inadvertently breaks.

5. Damage to, loss or destruction of the property or of the other inventory, other than the crockery or glassware, on the basis of 

the cost price will be charged. The amount will be charged directly with the paid deposit, without prejudice to the obligation to refund the amount of the deposit.

6. the accommodation must be clean to be left behind, at least in equal condition as the accommodation to the tenant at the start. 

If at the end check shows that the accommodation is not clean enough, it will €52.50 for the final cleaning of the deposit be withheld.


4. changes to the already confirmed reservations

1. exports of changes by the notifier will be free only if possible and only after written confirmation by Juliette Tent holidays. 

If the change is not possible, then the original booking.

2. On changes that involve a partial cancellation, the cancellation policy applies for that part.

3. If the booked period when staying at the camp site is extended, you will need to pay the additional stay in the campsite directly, 

according to the prices listed on the site. No claim can be made on any offers.


5. Cancellation policy

1. Reservations may within 14 days after the date of the booking confirmation be cancelled free of charge.

2. Reservations can only be in writing (letter or e-mail) canceled with giving any reason.

3. For cancellations up to 12 weeks before arrival at the accommodation, 20% of the fare will be charged with a minimum of €100, =.

4. in the case of cancellations between 12 and 6 weeks before arrival at the accommodation will be charged 70% of the travel price, with a minimum of €100, =.

5. Cancellations between 6 and 2 weeks prior to arrival at the accommodation is 90% of the participation fee will be charged with a minimum of €100, =.

6. Cancellation between 2 weeks before arrival in the accommodation and arrival date itself is the full fare will be charged.

7. We recommend you a travel and/or cancellation insurance via Juliette Tent holidays.


6. accommodation availability

1. If Juliette Tent holidays the reserved accommodation cannot offer, then get the booking party of this direct message. 

The booking party gets a so equivalent possible alternative offered, without increasing the price. If the applicant does not make use of this, 

will immediately refund all amounts received Juliette Tent holidays.

2. If the cancellation by Juliette Tent holidays within 10 days prior to arrival at the accommodation, the notifying party takes place, 

in addition to the reimbursement of the amounts received, provided a fee of 10% of the travel price, with a maximum of €150 =.


7. liability

1. Juliette Tent holidays can accept any liability for loss, theft, damage or injury caused to or by users of the via Juliette Tent holidays provided accommodation, 

how this damage if this injury also.

2. Participation in activities, organized on or by the campsite, shall take place at your own risk.

3. users of via Juliette Tent holidays provided accommodation, to respect the rules of conduct, which by the campsite holder for on his site are fixed.

4. the user (-s) of via Juliette Tent holidays offered accommodation that annoyance or nuisance or can go, or that the rules of conduct in force at the campsite 

does not respect, could possibly, after a first warning, from the accommodation be removed, this without right to refund.

5. Juliette Tent Vacations is not responsible for the behavior of other guests on the campsite.

6. In the early and late season, the camping holder forced a number of facilities at the camp site does not meet the (Juliette Tent holidays) guests.

7. Employees of Juliette Tent holidays on the campsite are not entitled to any ruling on liability on the part of Juliette Tent holidays.

8. If a representative of Juliette Tent holidays by illness or other urgent reasons is unable to do his/her work will Juliette Tent holidays as soon as possible


8. complaints

1. The tour program, the internet site and other communication forms of Juliette Tent holidays with the utmost care, however for changed circumstances, 

Juliette Tent holidays cannot accept responsibility.

2. do you have a legitimate complaint than you should in the first instance report directly to an employee at the front desk or the representative of 

Juliette Tent camping holidays on the appropriate campsite. This will seek to find an acceptable solution. If, however, reasons for a justified complaint, 

and there can be no solution on the spot, no later than within 2 weeks after the last overnight stay in the accommodation to be in writing to Juliette Tent vacations submitted.

3. Pollution caused by environmental factors, such as sound or flooding or insect pests comes from the outside and can by Juliette Tent holidays are not affected. 

Of course, the representative of Juliette Tent vacations try the inconvenience as much as possible, to reduce or eliminate, but Juliette can accept any liability for this nuisance.

4. All disputes between Juliette Tent holidays and the tenant is Dutch law is applicable. Only a Dutch court in the Hague has jurisdiction of these disputes take note.