And how can I book?

Do you already know exactly what period you want to go on holiday? To check which Juliette destinations are still available, first find a campsite that meets your requirements. Then simply click on the date of arrival in the availability calendar. Then click on the duration of your stay, for example: the number of days, 1 week, midweek or long weekend. Then choose the accommodation that suits you best! Check the image to see if this is the right choice. Now you are on the page for a possible quotation or to find an availability date with the right price! Discounts are only processed after the request.

Juliette has divided the accommodation into BungalowTent, SafariTent and Mobile-Home so you can easily find a holiday that suits your needs! The campsites that are particularly suitable for the smallest among us can be found under the heading 'charming campsites'.

If you want to rent more accommodation or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Juliette Tentvakanties. Juliette Tentvakanties also has a separate app function. Usually we answer within a few minutes. This is intended for short questions. Have fun with the anticipation.