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An ideal campsite for the whole family

Juliette would like to take you to the Allier, a lovely Petit Xl charm campsite just one day's drive from the Netherlands. Juliette comes here to relax and enjoy everything that the couple Mark and Arnolda have to offer.

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"Een kleinschalige camping met gastvriendelijke Nederlandse eigenaren. Er is een mogelijkheid om 's avonds heerlijk mee te eten van een dagmenu. Kortom helemaal top!"

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"Le Petit Moulin" takes young families into account in all aspects. There are several playgrounds, a trampoline and a constructed swimming pool. There is more than enough space for children to play and do something together so that you as a parent can enjoy a well-deserved holiday. If they have had enough of playing on the equipment, there is also an indoor play area: the 'hangout'.

For active guests, there is also plenty to do in the surrounding area. The green heart of France is the place to enjoy the beautiful nature during a walk, bike ride or car trip. Juliette's holiday tent is on a lovely spot between the other 6 spots that are available.

Behind a fence and a little gate you will find the swimming pool, to relax or to cool down. The pool is set up on a spacious piece of land. At the edge and behind the barbed wire, cows regularly come to take a curious look. This way you will really experience the peace and quiet of the French region, the Allier. If you would like to set up your own bath for the little ones, that is also one of the possibilities.

Camping le Petit Moulin Juliette holidays'Table d'hôtes' means that you can join us for dinner in a homely atmosphere. You, as a guest of Juliette, can join this guest table to enjoy a delicious two or three course dinner. This takes place 7 days a week. In the high season we serve dinner at 18.30 and 20.00 hours. Children up to 5 years old may eat with their parents if they cannot eat their own meal. There are also regular BBQ evenings of course with a delicious glass of wine!

In the morning Juliette is also happy to join in; the host couple serves a fresh breakfast every day.

Also concerning the sanitary you don't have to worry, nice hot shower water, fresh toilet and even a place to do the dishes.If you have a chemical toilet, you can also empty the tank here and get new flush water.

In short, we have thought of everything and your tent is ready for you, complete as you would expect!

  • Indoor and outdoor play area for children
  • An above-ground swimming pool and a paddling pool in the playground
  • Well-arranged child-friendly domain
  • A terrace for a drink
  • Daily Table d'Hote (in the high season at 18.30 and 20.00)
  • Bread service or even a complete breakfast to order
  • FREE wifi available all over the terrain
  • Possibility to spin/dry a laundry
  • Various walking routes
  • Various swimming lakes in the area
  • Various weekly markets
  • Beautiful castles that are definitely worth a visit

Juliette is amazed at what Allier has to offer. There are many nice sights in this region. Among the sights in Allier are several castles, including the castle of Billy, the castle of Bourbon-l'Archambault and the castle of Thoury. Each of these castles is more than worth a visit. These castles are interesting for both young and old. During your visit you will learn everything about the history of these beautiful castles and also about the history of the department Allier.

Juliette has made a list of the best sights in Allier for you. So you can easily prepare for a wonderful holiday in this area. Each of the mentioned sights is absolutely worth a visit. The sights on this page are within easy reach of places like Charroux, Montluçon, Vichy or the capital of the Allier region, the special town of Moulins. Moreover, each of the places mentioned is also very nice to visit. You can easily take an afternoon for a visit to each of the mentioned places. Each of these places is known for its beautiful historical centre, all of them definitely worth a visit!

Hérisson 27 km from Le Petit Moulin.

This village is well known for its impressive ruins.

Moulins 28 km from Le Petit Moulin.

This is the capital of the Allier. On the outskirts are the big department stores. Along the river you can walk and enjoy the River "Allier".

There is also an indoor playground for children up to 12 years and a bowling alley.

Saint-Pourcain-Sur-Sioule 34 km from Le Petit Moulin

This wine city has many attractions. In the last week of August, a festival is held to clear the wine cellars. A true feast for wine lovers.

Montluçon 44 km from le Petit Moulin

In this beautiful city, you can enjoy the modern shopping boulevards up to the castle of Louis II.

There is also a bowling alley and a laser game centre.

Vichy 83 km from le Petit Moulin

The attractive, mundane city of Vichy has developed into one of the most famous health resorts of France. A walk along the river is definitely worthwhile.

Clermont-Ferrand 98 km from le Petit Moulin

This is the capital of the Auvergne. This cultural city has much to offer. Also the indoor shopping centres (with a.o. a Hema and a C&A) are worth a visit.

Plan d'eau de vieure (in Vieure) 14 km from Le Petit Moulin

This is a large swimming lake with a beach and a large lawn. There are various playgrounds and there is also a canoe rental service. There is also a restaurant with bar and terrace.

Foret de Troncais (in Saint-Bonnet-Troncais) 30 km from le Petit Moulin

Here you find one of the largest oak forests of Europe. There are several hiking trails so you can enjoy all the beauty including an oak tree with a circumference of over 6 meters. There is also a beautiful swimming lake here.

La plaine de jeux des Champins (in Moulins) 35 km from le Petit Moulin

Here you will find a large playground with water fun for children complemented by fitness equipment and seating. It is free to enter for everyone.

Le pal (in Dompierre-Sur-Bresse) 59 km from Le Petit Moulin

This is the main attraction of the Allier. This animal park has 25 attractions and houses over 500 animals. Definitely worth a visit during your holiday!

Dino park ( in Gannat ) 59 km from Le Petit Moulin

This park is open since 2013.

Branché Aventure ( in Sidialles ) 71 km from Le Petit Moulin

This large adventure park is equipped with climbing tracks, water courses, beaches, boats for rent etc. In short, here you can have a day full of fun!

Avrilly Billy
46.63947,3.28835 46.23668,3.42872

Chareil-Cintrat Fontariol
46.26123,3.2308 46.366603,3.115894

La Palice Le Riau
46.24863,3.63783 46.66244,3.27752

Le Petit Moulin
Le Breux
03440 Saint Hilaire
Allier, France


Route beschrijving vanaf Parijs
De route wijkt iets af van wat de autonavigatie aangeeft. Omdat deze u het laatste stuk via kronkelige, smalle en heuvelachtige wegen stuurt is het met caravan of aanhanger aan te raden de beschreven route aan te houden.

  • U neemt de A6/E15, de “l‘Autoroute du Soleil”.
  • Daarna neemt u de afslag naar de A77, de “l’Autoroute de l’Arbe”, richting Nevers.
  • Aan het einde van de snelweg neemt de rotonde ¾ en gaat u de N7 op richting Moulins/Clemont-Ferrand.
  • Bij afrit 44 Moulins gaat u er af.
  • Neem de rotonde ¾ richting Moulins-centre ( D707 )
  • U passeert 2 rotondes, als u door het bedrijven gebied rijdt (“Route du Paris”)
  • Aan het einde van de weg moet u naar rechts (“toutes direction”), bij de verkeerslichten rechtdoor (“toutes direction”).
  • U volgt de bocht naar links en gaat bij de stoplichten rechtdoor.
  • Houdt u daarna rechts aan, richting Montluçon.
  • Bij de rotonde gaat u naar rechts en rijdt u over een grote brug (over de rivier de Allier).
  • Bij de rotonde gaat u rechtdoor (2e afslag).
  • U rijdt door tot de 2e rotonde en gaat weer rechtdoor (2e afslag) richting Souvigny. U rijdt nu op de D945 (“Route de Moulins”)
  • U volgt deze weg helemaal totdat u bij Souvigny uitkomt , daar neemt u de afslag richting Saint Hilaire.
  • Deze weg gaat over in de D73 (de flauwe bocht naar links aanhouden), op een gegeven moment gaat deze weg over op de D11.
  • U passeert het dorpje Gipcy.
  • Bij de rotonde gaat u ¾ naar links richting Saint Hilaire op de D1.
  • U passeert het eerst “ La Gare” en daarna rijd u door Saint Hilaire.
  • Na 4 km bovenaan de heuvel neemt u de afslag naar rechts: welkom bij “Le Petit Moulin”

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