Full terms and conditions

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Full terms and conditions

Versie 1701, effective date: 01-11-2017

1. Reservations

1. Pets are allowed on every campsite in the holiday tents or mobile homes of Juliette Tentvakantie! Not in every accommodation. This is indicated per campsite, if in doubt please call us!

2. After your reservation (by telephone, in writing or by e-mail) Juliette Tentvakanties sends you a confirmation of your reservation by e-mail with the final amount to be paid. In the case of incorrect information you must contact Juliette Tentvakanties immediately, within 3 working days at the latest. If you have not received a reservation confirmation within 8 days after reservation, you are requested to contact Juliette Tentvakanties.

2. In the event of a later arrival at the accommodation or earlier departure than booked, there will be no refund for the unused accommodation. Check-in guarantee after 16.00/ Check-out before 10.00. The campsite has the possibility of charging extra for arriving or departing at times other than those indicated.

3. If fewer people actually stay in the accommodation than booked, there will be no refund for the persons who did not appear.

4. The maximum number of persons allowed to stay in an accommodation is 4 to 5 or 6 persons, in principle from the same family. Then please let us know in advance! You will find the maximum number of persons allowed per accommodation.

5. The number of persons spending the night in the accommodation must be in accordance with the reservation. Any visitors should be registered. Juliette-Tentvakanties.nl has the right to stop your holiday and remove you from the campsite if you do not meet these conditions.

6. Reservations for/by young people (< 23 years) or a group in general, cannot be accepted, provided and with the approval of the campsite.

7. On some campsites it is possible to place a dome tent next to your accommodation free of charge. However, these are not intended to accommodate more or other persons than those specified in the booking.

8. A baby package and/or other extras such as a stove can only be guaranteed if these are requested at the same time as the reservation.


2. Payment (Please note the current adjusted conditions during early booking for 2021)

1. After receiving the reservation confirmation 25% of the total amount has to be paid within 7 days. Before 31 January? Only 99,00 down payment.

2. The remainder of the payment must be paid no later than 8 weeks before arrival at the accommodation. In case of discounts and non timely payment, your discount will be forfeited.

3. Reservations made within 8 weeks of arrival at the accommodation, the total travel sum is to be paid within 1 week after receipt of the reservation confirmation.

4. For reservations within 2 weeks before arrival in the accommodation the total travel sum needs to be paid within 1 day (by return) after receiving the reservation confirmation.

5. If the down payment and/or balance of the travel sum has not been paid within the specified period, Juliette Tentvakanties retains the right to cancel the booking and the applicant is liable for the cancellation costs (see cancellation terms and conditions).

6. In the event of negligent payment, all costs, both judicial and extrajudicial, will be at the expense of the client, including the statutory interest on the outstanding amount from the month following the payment date, as stated on the booking confirmation. Possible discounts are therefore also cancelled.


3 Deposit

1. The deposit is € 50,00 per reserved accommodation and will be cashed by the representative of Juliette or the campsite owner directly upon arrival, if requested. The amount can sometimes differ per campsite, depending on the possible extra costs involved.

2. The security deposit will be returned to you after the final inspection of the accommodation by the representative of Juliette Tent Vakanties or the campsite owner, before your departure, either in whole or in part. We ask you to bring the deposit in cash in an envelope. Do you prefer to pay by bank? Please indicate this in time.

3. If you leave before the final inspection has taken place, the deposit will be refunded by bank. Any defects found will be deducted from the deposit.

4. Juliette Tent Vakanties does not charge costs when you break dishes or glassware by accident.

5. Damage, loss or destruction of the accommodation or other inventory, other than the crockery or glassware, will be charged at cost price. The amount will be deducted directly from the deposit paid, without prejudice to the obligation to pay compensation for the amount exceeding the deposit.

6. The accommodation is to be left in a clean and tidy state, in any case in the same condition as the accommodation was given to the hirer at the start. If at the final inspection the accommodation turns out to be insufficiently clean, a minimum additional sum of € 50.00 for the final cleaning will be deducted from the deposit. This is an extra contribution to the cleaning costs. This is in connection with the scheduling of an extra cleaning.

4. Changes to already confirmed reservations

1. Changes made by the client will only be implemented if possible and only after written confirmation by Juliette Tentvakanties. If the change is not possible, the original reservation will remain in place. For any changes we charge a fee of 24,50 depending on the situation.

2. For changes that involve a partial cancellation, the cancellation conditions apply for that part.

3. If the booked period is extended during the stay at the campsite, the additional stay at the campsite must be paid immediately, according to the prices indicated on the site. No claim can be made to any offers/discounts or other promotions.


5. Cancellation conditions (please note the amended conditions for 2021)

1. Reservations can be cancelled free of charge within 14 days after the date of the reservation confirmation.

2. Reservations can only be cancelled in writing (by letter or email) stating the reason for the cancellation.

3. For cancellations up to 14 weeks before arrival in the accommodation, 20% of the travel sum will be charged with a minimum of €100.

4. For cancellations between 14 and 6 weeks prior to arrival in the accommodation, 70% of the travel sum will be charged, with a minimum of €100,=.

5. For cancellations between 6 and 2 weeks before arrival in the accommodation, 90% of the travel sum will be charged, with a minimum of €100,=.

6. For cancellations between 2 weeks before arrival in the accommodation and the day of arrival itself, the full travel sum will be charged.

7. We advise you to take out a travel and/or cancellation insurance via Juliette Tentvakanties.

6. Availability accommodation

1. In the event that Juliette Tentholidays cannot offer the accommodation that has been booked, the applicant will be notified of this immediately. The client will be offered an alternative that is as equivalent as possible, without an increase in the cost of the trip. If the client does not make use of this alternative, Juliette Tentvakanties will immediately refund all amounts received.

2. In the event of cancellation by Juliette Tentvakanties within 10 days of arrival at the accommodation, the applicant will be offered, in addition to reimbursement of the sums received, compensation amounting to 10% of the travel sum with a maximum of € 150.

7. Liability

1. Juliette Tentvakanties accepts no liability for loss, theft, damage or injury caused to or by users of the accommodation offered by Juliette Tentvakanties, regardless of how this damage or this injury arose.

2. Participation in activities, organised on or by the campsite, is entirely at your own risk.

3. Users of the accommodation provided via Juliette Tent Vakanties are required to respect the rules of conduct established by the campsite owner for guests on his site.

4. Users of the accommodation offered via Juliette Tent Vakanties who cause nuisance or inconvenience or who do not respect the rules of conduct that apply on the campsite may be removed from the accommodation after the first warning, without the right to a refund.

5. Juliette Tent Vakanties is not responsible for the behaviour of other guests on the campsite.

6. In the early and late season, the campsite owner may be forced to discontinue offering a number of facilities on the campsite to (Juliette Tentvakanties) guests.

7. Juliette Tentvakanties staff working at the campsite are not entitled to make any statements regarding liability on the part of Juliette Tentvakanties.

8. If a representative of Juliette Tentvakanties is prevented from carrying out his/her work through illness or other urgent reasons, Juliette Tentvakanties will arrange for a replacement as soon as possible. Should it not be possible to arrange this immediately, Juliette Tentvakanties accepts no liability for any ensuing costs.

9. Discounts: discounts awarded cannot be added up. Juliette will grant you the highest possible/offered discount on your reservation.

10. The cheapest price guarantee counts over gross amounts on the same offered campsite. These gross amounts are the principal or starting prices of possible third parties.

8. Complaints

1. The travel programme, the website and other forms of communication such as prices, offers and other publications by Juliette Tentvakanties have been compiled with the greatest possible care, however Juliette Tentvakanties cannot accept any liability for changed circumstances.

2. If you have a justified complaint, then you should, in the first instance, report this directly to an employee of the campsite reception or the Juliette Tentvakanties representative at the campsite concerned. The latter will endeavour to find an acceptable solution. If, despite this, there remains cause for a justified complaint and a solution cannot be found on site, this must be submitted in writing to Juliette Tentvakanties within 3 weeks of the last night spent in the accommodation. This complaint cannot apply to the points mentioned above.

3. Nuisance caused by environmental factors, such as noise or water nuisance, wind or rain or even vermin/insect infestations comes from outside and cannot be influenced by Juliette Tent Vakanties. The representative of Juliette Tentholidays will of course try to limit or remove the nuisance as much as possible, but Juliette cannot accept any liability for this nuisance.



  • vrijstaande keuken
  • 4-pits gasstel
  • koelkast met vriesvakje
  • bestekbak
  • plastic (kinder-)drinkbekers
  • plastic (kinder-)borden
  • plastic (kinder-)schaaltjes
  • plastic (kinder-)bestek
  • div. soorten schaaltjes
  • wijnglazen
  • asbak
  • thermoskan
  • fluitketel
  • koffiezetapparaat
  • koffie-kopjes
  • theeglazen
  • broodmandje
  • waterkoker
  • placemats
  • knoflookpers
  • serviesgoed
  • hapjespan
  • pannenset met koekenpan
  • onderzetters
  • spaghettilepel
  • bakspaan
  • opscheplepels
  • soeplepel
  • garde
  • kurkentrekker
  • blikopener
  • rasp
  • kaasschaaf
  • diverse schalen / slakom
  • scherpe snijmessen (o.a. broodmes)
  • theelepels
  • bestek
  • theepot
  • snijplanken
  • maatkan
  • dienblad
  • diverse plastic voorraad dozen
  • drinkglazen
  • bierglazen
  • huishoudschaar
  • pizzasnijder
  • dunschiller
  • maatschepje
  • flesopener
  • pannen onderzetters
  • tweepersoons boxspring of Zweeds comfortabel bed 140 x 200 m.
  • 2 eenpersoonsbedden + eventueel een onderschuif bed
  • tafeltje met bedlampje
  • beddengoed, kijkt u dit goed na op uw reservering!
  • binnentafel met 4 stoelen
  • 2 krukjes
  • buitentafel
  • 3 stapelbare stoelen
  • 2 verstelbare stoelen
  • parasol met voetstuk/grondstuk
  • hanglamp
  • looplamp
  • branddeken
  • NL-stopcontact
  • kledinghangers
  • jerrycan
  • droogrek
  • knijpers in bak
  • deurmat
  • vuilnisemmer
  • bezem
  • stoffer & blik
  • emmer
  • afwasteil
  • afdruiprek

NB. Inventaris kan per camping verschillen, dit is afhankelijk van het algehele aanbod van Juliette op de camping zelf.